At Miscellany Firm helping people with their financial well-being, Miscellany Firm offers comprehensive real estate, commercial loan, credit repair and financial services to our diverse clients.

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Commercial Real Estate

Commercial LOANS

Our Commercial loan officer (known by others as commercial mortgage broker) is acting as a liaison between business, investors and individuals seeking a real estate loan and a lending institution.

We offer advice to companies and help them find the best mortgage product for their real estate investment or asset acquisition needs.

Our commercial loan brokers do a wonderful job in person and online to help many businesses and our private clients get the finance that they’re looking for. From international Clients and Businesses to our local clients and businesses, our loan packages never been better.

In order to make sure you understand our business, see more information below about our rates, process and closing.

Our annual percentage rate (APR) of the loans package start from 6% to 14%

Our down payments start at 10% to 60%.

  • We have 200 plus lenders in our database.
  • From A+ banks to private Lenders
  • Our service charges are being added to the cost of the loan.
  • We have adequate security and privacy protections for your personal information.

You have access to applying online, call us or visit one of our locations.
It takes just ten minutes to enter your commercial loan application.

Miscellany Firm LLC has closed more than 100 commercial loans totaling over $125 Million

Commercial Real Estate 2

In the simplest of terms, a commercial real estate broker is an expert of real estate and related transactions. Find out more on our commercial broker page.

Tax Consulting

Getting ready for your income tax return could be demanding and complicated at the same time. We offer tax services.


Are you presently in the market to purchase a new house? Consider a full-service brokerage firm. We offer a wide range of brokerage services.

Credit Repair

Credit can help you advance to your next financial goals. Contact to see how we can help you develop a plan to improve your credit.

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RESIDENTIAL Mortgage Loans

Ready to take the step to purchase your first property or an investment residential property. We can help your get the financing you need to make that a reality. Submit an application today.

Investment Property

Are you searching for a type of investment that can help generate passive income or more wealth?

Tax Preparation

With every tax season it's good to have a reliable tax professional or service. The best tax preparation can set you up for maximum returns. Let us help you.

Business Broker

Are you buying or selling a business? Then having a business broker on your side could make the difference between an efficient result and a great nightmare. Let us help you filter out the best business for your acquisition.